Tanzania: Alarm over Pressure Cooker Accidents
So many Cases of people sustaining serious burns in Mwanza as a result of exploding pressure cookers have assumed alarming proportions, according to the Fire and Rescue Force.

A pressure cooker is an airtight pot in which food can be cooked quickly under steam pressure.
Pressure cookers are increasingly being adopted by the middle class in Mwanza and other major cities as they are more efficient in cooking some types of meals for large families.
But the Fire and Rescue Force Commander in Mwanza Region, Mr Andrea Mbata, told The  Citizen that at least three cases of people being severely burnt in pressure cooker explosions were reported in the city every month. He blamed many of the accidents on improper use of cookers, adding that users must make sure that the safety valve and rubber seal were firmly in place when cooking and before opening the cooker after cooking. Mr Mbata said many of the accidents were a result of users not following safety instructions.

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