50% Indians under 55 years suffer from heart attacks- Doctors

The most common cause of death among the world are heart attacks. Medical professionals the world over, have always emphasized the symptoms of heart attacks, like chest pain, shortness of breath, cold sweats, etc. The scary part is that the number of ‘silent’ heart attacks is gradually on the rise and that is definitely a matter of concern. Silent heart attacks occur when blood flow to the heart muscle is severely reduced or cut off completely. As per a research, the risk of dying from heart disease increases by three times in case of a silent heart attack and now, it is slowly victimizing younger people. The sudden demises of Environment minister Anil Dave at the age of 60 and Bollywood actress Reema Lagoo at 59 has triggered concern about silent heart attacks that often strike without a warning.
Dave, who was at a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi till late at night before he breathed his, last, didn’t show any signs of a serious heart problem. Similarly, Reema Lagoo – who was shooting before her untimely death – had no health issues as confirmed by her family. Doctors, however, said that while life expectancy among Indians had increased, people were falling prey to sudden heart attacks at a younger age.

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