7 ways to brighten and whiten your teeth

white teeth
 Brush with Toothpaste twice daily, floss once.
Dental care is the maintenance of healthy teeth. A set of bright white teeth enhances the look of the person. Apart the freshness it excludes, it gives the person self-confidence and this can translate into successes in his chosen area of endeavour ; fresh breath helps personal relationships. A set of healthy teeth is good for the heart; bacteria in the mouth could enter the blood stream and cause infection in the heart, this could be life threatening, how about the pain due to dental cares?
1. Brush with toothpaste twice daily.
Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth twice daily and floss once in the night before retiring for the day. Brushing removes food debri and oils from the mouth and teeth. Flossing removes food particles in between the teeth. If food particles are left in the mouth, the growth of bacteria is encouraged.
2. Apply Peroxide – based Gel.
Hydrogen peroxide is known to remove stains. Consequently, manufacturers have come up with gels which are impregnated with hydrogen peroxide. When applied to the teeth, stains are removed making the teeth whiter and brighter.
3. Apply Teeth – whitening strips.
Teeth whitening strips can help remove some stains. Coated with peroxide based whitening gel, the strips can be pasted on the teeth for some hours before removal. They are known to remove stains resulting from foods and drinks.
4. Avoid Tobacco, chew sugar less gum.
Tobacco whether in form of cigars, cigarette or plain tobacco leaves tar in the mouth which stain the teeth and even settle in between the teeth. The teeth look horrible and dirty, not to mention the bad breath. It is advisable to avoid tobacco.
On the hand, chewing sugarless gum helps to clean the teeth by stimulating production of saliva.
5. Avoid Tetracycline in children.
The drug tetracycline has been known for long to cause discolouration of the teeth and this is permanent. It happens in children during the development of teeth. Doctors, consequently do not prescribe it for children in that age bracket.
6.  Eat Foods like Carrots, Apples.
These fruits trigger the production of lot of saliva in the mouth and hence cleanse the teeth – making them bright and white.
7. Avoid Anti- bacterial Mouth Wash.
Anti- bacterial mouthwash containing chlohexidine or Cotylpyvidinium are said to discolour the teeth, remove the shine. This has discouraged several potential users. It is better to do mouth wash using saline (water with a little salt). It has the same anti – bacterial effect without discolouring the teeth.
8. See a Dentist regularly.
People are advised to see a dentist twice a year for dental check up. Dental cleaning could be done during the visit. Cleaning your teeth removes debris, and others.
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