Road accidents, HIV/Aids and maternal and newborn-related diseases top the list of causes for premature deaths among people in Eastern Uganda, before reaching the country life expectancy of 63 years. An analysis of causes of death in 2014 done by the Makerere University Centre for Health and Population Research (MUCHAP) in the Iganga Mayuge Health and Demographic Surveillance site (IMHDSS), has shown that traffic road accidents and HIV/Aids contribute 19 and 16.5 per cent of the years of life lost (YLL) due to premature death respectively, among people in the active age bracket of 29 and 49. However, homicidal injuries surpass road accidents at 20.7 per cent death rates among males of age group 13 to 24 per cent compared to 11.9 per cent of the years of life lost due to premature death caused by the latter.



Among the female age groups of 13 to 24, postpartum hemorrhage causes contributes higher percent to the YLL at 24.9 percent and road traffic accidents at 12.9 percent.
Stillbirth on the other hand, is leading cause of premature death rates among the infants while HIV/Aids is leading contributor to YLL due to premature death among people of 50 years and above at 22.6 per cent. Dr Dan Kajungu, the executive director of MUCHAP, has said that the statistics were drawn from continuous analyses conducted within IMHDSS between the year 2008 and 2014, saying that the years of life lost (YLL) is the metric system used to understand the burden of disease which is computed by subtracting the age at death from the country’s life expectancy. The difference gives the years lost due to premature death and in computed for each disease. “The available data are collected twice a year from 65 villages of Iganga and Mayuge districts from 17,000 households holding 85,000 individuals.

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