Acute midwife shortage in Malawi- study.

A recent study by White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood presented a preliminary finding at the Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe, Malawi on Thursday which revealed an acute shortage of midwives in health facilities, across the country with a total of only 3233 midwives.

Professor Maurine Chinwa of Prime Health Consulting who carried out the study has said serving midwives were below the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended standard of one midwife for everyone hundred and seventy five (175) child bearing women. However, our survey has found that for a district like Mangochi with a population of 803,602 which has 103 midwives, is one midwife for every 7801 child bearing woman which are not adequate to provide quality midwifery service.

The survey also found that at some facilities, there are some midwives who are as old as 76 old though the average age of midwives was 35, shortage of midwives increase workload for the midwives with an average of 58.2 hours per week, per midwife against 40 normal working hours per week.

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