5. Adequate sleep may be key to marital bliss: Study
Washington: Couples who get a good night’s sleep are more satisfied with their marriage – at least the following day, a new study suggests. “The universality of our findings is important.

That is, we know all people need sleep,” said Jim McNulty from Florida State University in the US. “Regardless of the stage at which a couple is in their relationship or the cultural context in which they are embedded, each member of the couple can be adversely affected by not getting enough sleep,” said McNulty. The study highlights the significance of sleep as it relates to self-regulation or self-control, which influences how married couples feel and think about their partner. Self-control requires energy that can be replenished when our bodies are in the resting period known as sleep. In other words, sleep offers self-regulatory benefits to relationships, researchers said “Up to one-third of married or cohabiting adults report that sleep problems burden their relationship,” they said. Other sleep studies have indicated that even partial sleep deprivation can have harmful effects on processes that require self-regulation, like evaluating how you feel about your partner. 

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