The permanent secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture Thursday disclosed that the African continent or some of its regions face food crises intermittently every two years; which recurrence he said has led to a paradigm shift in addressing food insecurity.

Sheriffo Bojang made the remark on behalf of Solomon Owens, the minister of Agriculture during the capacity building of the national Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and inclusive dialogue in the Gambia within the framework of Global Alliance for Resilience Initiative for the Sahel and West Africa (AGIR).

The forum was organized by ROPPA in collaboration with the National Coordinating Organization of Farmers’ Association The Gambia (NACOFAG).

The recurrence of food crises, according to him, renders development approaches ineffective and have brought about massive interventions by development partners.

He added that in most cases, technical and development aid are turn to emergency support at the expense of development projects and programmes; hence the need for new strategies to address the situation.

In order to tackle these recurring crises in line with the existing policies, the West Africa and EU have developed a new approach that focuses on resilience (AGIR) adopted in October 2012.

PS Bojang however noted that the inclusive network was setup in collaboration with Civil Society Organizations last May at Ouagadougou, with a view to define new partnerships strategies relevant stakeholders.

The representative of the Agric minister said while designing and introducing the new approach for the programme, ROPPA in partnership with RBM and AGIR agreed on a common approach for The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Liberia and Burkina Faso. He affirmed that the principles of the resilience could contribute to strengthening access and security of tenure of smallholders in developing countries in general and in West Africa in particular. Other speakers at the forum were Sori Dem of NACOFAG, as well as Samba Bah RBM and Mhammed Lamin Faye of ROPPA. The meeting also witnessed series of presentations by stakeholders.

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