Agriculture has been described as a source capable of generating over 30 million jobs in the country and reduce unemployment rate if the sector is properly harnessed. The National Treasurer of All Farmers Association of Nigeria, AFAN and immediate Past Chairman in Kogi State, Dr. Tunde Arosayin disclosed this at a book launch in Lokoja, Kogi State capital last weekend. Arosanyin explained that agriculture when practised with modern technology will also increase food output which will in turn guarantee food security.

He pointed out that any nation that cannot feed her citizens cannot be described as sovereign nation with full independence status, stressing that agriculture then is the only means of food sufficiency for the citizenry guaranteed food security. He added that apart from the fact the agriculture guarantees food security for any nation that encourages production toward self sufficiency, it is also a major source of foreign revenue earner that is reliable and sustainable unlike oil.

“Agriculture also creates new materials for industrial growth which is in turn reduces unemployment. Primary production is capable of generating over 20 million jobs for Nigerians and secondary production, processing, through industries can generate additional 10 million jobs, a proviso is that infrastructures such as electricity, water road, railway and other means of transportation should be fully developed and stable,” he noted.

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