The food distribution in Angola is affected by serious inadequacies of commercial and health inspections of products, saidTuesday in Luanda, the State secretary for Trade, Álvaro Paixao Junior. According to the government official, who was speaking at the formal opening ceremony of the training course for future managers of Logistics and Distribution Center (CLOD) of Luanda, in partnership with the Spanish consortium Mercasa-Incatema, these inadequacies are consequences of physical, operational and technical limitations of infrastructures and equipment for the food trade.

These limitations, he said, hinder or prevent the producer’s relationship with the consumer, as there are no in the fabric of commercial distribution at the country level, support markets in origin/logistics distribution centers and from these to the commercial segment of retail, municipal and retail markets. For this reason, he said that for the correction of these imbalances, it is expected the construction and building of eight Distribution Logistics Centers in Luanda, Uige, Malanje, Kwanza Sul, Benguela, Huambo, Bie and Huila.

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