Angolan Institute of Oncology, Attends to 30 People Daily

All most thirty people, especially women, are attended daily in the core of the Angolan Institute of Oncology, according to the director of that unit, Fernando Miguel. According to the director who speak to the press, he said that yearly the institute attends about 1,500 new cases diagnosed and close to 14,000 patients in follow-up, besides new cases.

According to Fernando Miguel, the reality of cancer in the country today is better than in previous years, in that the news media also help spread the message, making it a public health problem.

He informed that the most frequent cancer is breast and followed the uterus and prostate, registering a slight increase of about 20 percent compared to last year.

The information is the basis of this increase, because with the knowledge people can now join more often trace queries.

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