As part of world breast cancer awareness month commemorations, Think Pink Malawi on Saturday hosted an Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk from Parliament building to Koko Bean which is located inside the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre.
Think Pink Malawi held its first community awareness event of the year on Saturday 15th October 2016. The event took place at Chileka Health Centre located in Msundwe, Lilongwe.
The aim of the awareness was to encourage and teach women about early detection of Breast Cancer because the earlier it is detected the easier it can be treated, but also to encourage women to be health conscious with regard to women cancers. Activities at the awareness included free Breast Cancer and Cervical screening, interpretation of images and check up’s for women.
Head of Non Communicable Diseases in the Ministry of Health, Dr Beatrice Mwagomba said the campaign compliments government’s efforts for raising awareness on Breast and Cervical Cancer. Government through the ministry of Health has welcomed the Think Pink initiative and has been part of the October events since last year. The campaign compliments the effort for raising awareness on Breast and Cervical Cancer which are often diagnosed at advanced stages,” Dr. Mwagomba Stated. We were happy with the turn out of the Women in Msundwe, it was women of all ages. Every woman had a story to tell. I am glad Think Pink Malawi was there and that our aim of spreading the word that early detection saves lives is also being focused in Community areas,” Khondowe said in a press statement on Wednesday.
The annual Breast Cancer Awareness walk will be followed by a Community Awareness at Chezi Roman Catholic Health Centre located in Chezi, Dowa District on Saturday 29th of October 2016.Partners and stakeholders for the events include Save the Children, CMED-Centre for Medical Diagnostics, SOS, Women Coalition Against Cancer, The Nation, Zodiak, Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, Kentam, Blackmore, Parliamentary Health Committee, Mercantile, MASM,BEATA, OIBM, and Airtel.

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