. Antibiotic gel may tackle ear infection in children: Study
Ear infection is the second most commonly diagnosed childhood illness after common cold. Severe ear pain, trouble sleeping and fever are the most common symptoms of this infection.

It occur when fluid get trapped behind child’s eardrum. Children between 6 months to 3 years are highly susceptible to this infection When tested in chinchillas (rodents with a hearing range and ear structure similar to those of humans), the gel dispensed high concentrations of the antibiotic ciprofloxin in the middle ear and completely cured ear infections due to Haemophilus influenza in all the 10 animals. Ordinary ciprofloxacin ear drops cleared the infection in only 5 of 8 animals by day 7. There was no observable toxicity, and no antibiotic was detected in the animals’ blood. Yang and Kohane observed a slight hearing loss, similar to that caused by earwax. Giving less of the gel alleviated the problem. The findings were published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

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