Scientists are making progress in the search for effective treatment and cure for the dreaded Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) with the discovery that antibodies from the eight Nigerians and two United States (U.S.) survivors could be used to provide immunity against the infection in general population. Researchers in a new study published in the journal ACS Chemical Biology of a possible therapy that could someday help treat patients infected with one of the most lethal strains of the Sudan Ebola Virus (SUDV).

Nigeria Government was commended for its response to the Ebola outbreak. The commendation came from the United Nations Secretary-General Special Envoy on Ebola Virus, Dr. David Navaro, who met President Goodluck Jonathan at the Presidential Villa. Navaro said: “I have discussed with the President the result of my mission in other countries in the region and we also examined the situation of Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria. The point I made to the President of Nigeria is that this country and its people have performed excellently in their response to the Ebola Virus Disease.

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