Apollo Cancer Conclave begins from Feb 6 in Hyderabad

A three-day international conference ‘Apollo Cancer Conclave’ (ACC) 2015, aimed at improving cancer management inIndia and abroad will be held here from February 6 onwards. As many as 3,200 delegates and 315 faculty, including eminent researchers and medical practitioners from India and various countries will participate in it.

The Conclave provides a platform to deliberate on cancer management through panel discussions, interactive sessions and debates, all organised with a view to encourage a multi-modality approach towards raising the bar in cancer care, Dr P Vijay Anand Reddy, Director, Apollo Cancer Hospital told reporters on Wednesday.

“The Conclave will bring together the best minds in oncology both from India and overseas to deliberate on the rapid advances in the fields of surgical, medical, radiation oncology, hematology and robotic surgery and its practical application,” he said. Expert Dr Mike Kosty said research is going on to augment patient’s own immune system to fight cancer, this way in next 5 to 10 years many cancers not treatable today can be cured.

Briefing on robotic surgery, Dr Vijay Anand Reddy said robotic surgeries in last two years have transformed cancer treatment, they enabled smaller incisions, more precise treatment, less blood loss, minimal scar, healing and recovery is faster besides it has brought down morbidity levels. As per World Health Organisation guidelines, one cancer centre is required for every 1 million population. However, in India, with a population of 1.25 billion, there are only 400 units.

“This means both, private sector and the government must work together to set up more than 2000 centres if we have to strengthen the country’s competency and capacity to manage the disease,” the experts said.

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