An Australian doctor who gave his wife a fatal injection of insulin has been found guilty of murder. Brian Crickitt, 63, killed Christine Crickitt, 61, with the fast-acting hormone at their home in Sydney. He did an internet search for “intentional insulin overdose” two days before the murder,

the New South Wales Supreme Court heard. Prosecutors said Crickitt planned to claim her life insurance and continue a relationship with his mistress. The court heard the GP injected his wife in the bottom sometime on either 31 December 2009 or 1 January 2010. Crickitt obtained the insulin by using a prescription he had written for a diabetic patient earlier on 31 December.After administering the lethal dose, he spent the rest of the night with his mistress, Linda Livermore. Justice Clifton Hoeben, who heard the trial without a jury, found Crickitt guilty of murder on Thursday. “An increasing dislike for the deceased and his infatuation with Ms Livermore provided a motive for the accused to murder the deceased,” he said. “The only rational explanation for the internet searches relating to insulin death was that the accused was seeking to obtain information to further his plan to murder his wife by an injection of insulin.”

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