A new study has found that artificially conceived babies are as smart as those born after natural conception. It is said that babies born via IVF have a higher risk of being born prematurely. According to the study, parents who undergo such treatments are generally older; more educated and have a higher socio-economic status than parents who had naturally conceived children. Melinda Mills, Professor at University of Oxford said,”The findings suggest that the positive effect of the family background of children conceived through artificial reproduction techniques ‘overrides’ the risks of related poor health impairing their cognitive ability.” Mills added,”Although artificially conceived babies have a higher risk of being born prematurely or as a multiple birth, we have found they also have parents who are older, better educated and from a higher income bracket.” She said,”These are all factors linked with better outcomes for children. What is significant is that this positive effect is over the long term up to the age of 11. The findings support other studies showing that on balance such fertility treatments do not impair a child’s higher thinking skills.” For the findings, the researchers used data from the UK Millennium Cohort Study, a nationally representative group of 18,552 families.

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