A baby boy delivered inside a toilet of a train by a woman slipped through the flush pipe and fell on railway track but survived miraculously in Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh district, a railway police official said Monday.

“The incident occurred late on Sunday night in Dabli Rathan in Hanumangarh when a pregnant woman who was travelling on Barmer Kalka Express from Suratgarh to Hanumangarh with her mother and husband went to toilet after getting labour pains. She delivered a baby boy in the toilet and the newborn slipped through the pipe and fell on the railway track,” a GRP official told IANS.

“The woman, because of heavy bleeding, became unconscious. She was taken off the train in Hanumangarh, which was the next station, eight km from the delivery site and was taken to a hospital,” the official said

Meanwhile, the guard of a Food Corporation of India warehouse near the railway station, passing the spot, heard the baby crying. He informed railway authorities at Dabli Rathan which passed the message to Hanumangarh station. The baby was rescued and was taken to the same hospital where he was reunited with his mother.

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