We are battling with inadequate funding in our hospitals-FCTA

Speaking at the end-of-the-year (2016) media briefing in Abuja at the weekend, acting secretary, FCT Health and Human Services Secretariat,

Mrs. Odey A.I. Achu has said that Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has raised an alarm that inadequate funding, under-staffing and overstretched facilities are affecting its activities across government hospitals in the territory, adding that the secretariat also has the challenge of lack of vehicles.

 Odey has said that the hospitals are highly understaffed. Also our facilities are overstretched and we are also battling with inadequate funding. Also, we have the challenge of lack of vehicles. Every year, large chunks of our staff are going and we are not recruiting. So we are unable to sustain our hospitals at the moment to the right standard in terms of staffing. Sometimes when you visit a hospital in the night, a nurse alone is running the hospital.

Also speaking, the acting director, medical and diagnostics, Dr. Eghieye I. Uche has disclosed that in 2016, 39 illegal and substandard medical laboratories were closed down by her office.

Uche explained that the department has been collaborating with various agencies regulating different professional bodies, such as the Medical and Laboratory Council of Nigeria, to reduce the number quacks in the medical laboratory practice in FCT.

She advises residents of the FCT to be mindful of medical facilities they visit, adding “once you get into any private health facility, including medical laboratories, you should look out for their license of registration. And if you cannot find any certificate clearly displayed at the reception, the chances are that facility is not registered.”

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