Brazilian man sings, plays guitar amid cerebrum surgery as specialists receives tumor

A Brazilian man set an example for people around the world as he sang and played guitar while having brain surgery. Anthony Kullkamp Dias went under surgery to remove his brain tumor in Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceicao, but showed amazing courage as he sang six songs including ‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles, CNN has reported.  The 33-year-old banker said that he came to know about his tumor few days before his son was born and that’s why he even dedicated his original number ‘E manuel’ to his son.

Dr. Jean Abreu Machado, the anesthesiologist and clinical director at the hospital, explained that the brain tissue does not have sensors to pain, that’s why it was a challenge for them to keep the patient awake and pain-free.

Dias was awake during his surgery and now 90 percent of his tumor has been removed.

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