Breast Cancer: Physician Recommends Monthly Breast Self Examination

Young women of child bearing age have been advised to perform monthly breast self-examination for early cancer detection.

An oncologist at the National Hospital, Abuja, Dr Rasaq Oyesegun, on Wednesday gave this advice in an interview with the Press in Abuja on Wednesday.

He explained that early detection could make a lot of difference in treatment and prevention of cancer. The expert advised that self examination remains one of the best options and should be done a day after menstruation.

Oyesegun added that regular breast self-examination helped  women to get to know how their breasts normally feel and look  and be able to detect any change more easily.“The first thing to do when examining the breast is to stand in front of a mirror that is large enough for you to see your breasts clearly.“Check each breast for anything unusual; gently squeeze the nipple if there is a discharged.

“Keep the left arm over your head and use your right palm to feel the left breast and  vice-versa,’’he said. The doctor said husbands could also assist their wives in carrying out breast examination to detect abnormal lumps, discolouration and other signs.

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