A superbug that could not be treated with 26 different antibiotics has killed a woman in the US, officials report. The 70-year-old from Nevada had returned to the US in

August with an infected swelling in her right hip after a long stay in India.She died in September. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report said the infection was “resistant to all available antimicrobial drugs”. The women had repeatedly needed hospital treatment in India after breaking her right leg. An infection got into the bone and then spread to her hip.  She was seriously ill when she arrived in a US hospital – her immune system was going into overdrive in an attempt to fight the infection causing inflammation throughout her body. This escalated and ultimately she died from septic shock. Samples of the infection taken from the wound were sent to the CDC for testing.  They showed she was infected with Klebsiella pneumoniae – which normally lives in the gut without causing disease. The analysis found the superbug was resistant to all 26 available antibiotics in the US including the “drug of last resort” – colistin.

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