A Canadian company telecom company, Rogers Communications and an American company, Sprints Corporation plan to install Wi. Fi. in cars to provide high speed internet service.

While this appears commendable, a researcher, Prof. Ian Spence of the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto believes the idea be given a second thought.

Following field work by Spence and his team during which subjects were asked to perform attentional visual test; the team believes that installing Wi.Fi. is likely to cause driver’s distraction and hence safety should be of great concern.

Prof. Spence says “because of the potential for drivers’ distraction ,safety should be of great concern”. He continues “at 50 kilometers an hour, a car travels at 13.9 metres in a second. A driver who brakes one second earlier than another driver to avoid a collision, will either prevent it completely or be travelling more slowly when it occurs, lowering the probability of severe injury and fatality”.

The issue here is drivers’ distraction and increased probability of accident. However, some passenger vehicles in Kenya already have Wi. Fi. Installed and passengers are able to browse while travelling.

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