Cancer Association appeals for support in Botswana

Cancer Association appeals for support in Botswana
Batswana have been urged to assist Cancer Association of Botswana (CAB). Speaking in an interview, a cancer advocate, Ms Sharon Monyoro stated that CAB was a community based organization supported by volunteers.
She pointed out that the Ministry of Health and Wellness was their mother institution, but the association offered free services for individuals and families affected by cancer.
She said the services offered by CAB were practical and tangible as they offered those living with cancer an opportunity to live with dignity and improved emotional health.
Ms Monyoro stated that they needed volunteers from top governance level to a person who did not have anything to do with cancer to empower individuals touched by cancer.
She said compassionate and caring volunteers were needed to provide services, adding that “they may come to contribute their time just to show generosity.”
Ms Monyoro stated that CAB was established in 1998 stemming from a recognized need for practical support for those diagnosed with cancer.
Ms Monyoro said CAB provided services ranging from awareness at first level, where they screen people for certain type of cancer, adding that the number one type of cancer that was common in Botswana was skin cancer, followed by cervical and lastly breast cancer.
Ms Monyoro said there are a number of cancers around in Botswana, adding that some included cancer of the throat and cancer in children to mention a few.

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