Processed meat such as ham, sausage and bacon can cause cancer as much as cigarette smoking according to be released on Monday by the World Health Organisation. The report was written by a group of health experts from around the world under the aegis of WHO International Agency for research on cancer.

The World health Organisation International Agency for research on Cancer has classified processed meat as carcinogenic to human just like asbestos, alcohol, arsenic and cigarette.

Processed meat is red meat preserved by curing, smoking, salting or preservatives; red meat could be pork, beef or lamb.

According to a large study carried earlier on, about one in every thirty early deaths is due to processed meat.

Red meat contains haem which gives it its colour and is said to cause erosion of the lining of the bowel, besides processing of red meat can result in production of carcinogens (cancer forming substances.

Red meat is incriminated in bowel cancer and heart disease.


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