Pregnant women with pre-eclampsia at higher risk of heart issues

Jun 21, 2018 0

Cardiologist Dr Clare Arnott from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital said women with pre-eclampsia faced a much higher risk of heart attacks and strokes. “Post-pregnancy women who have had pre-eclampsia have a 2-4 times increased risk of having high blood pressure in life, twice the risk of stroke or heart attack, and 1.5 times the risk of death,” she said. “Even more concerningly, we’re finding the disease occurs prematurely, up to a decade earlier.” Yet few women are offered regular heart checks such as monitoring cholesterol and blood pressure, if they have had pre-eclampsia. Ms Dean needed robotic heart surgery to remove the blockage and then intensive cardiac rehabilitation. “I definitely think I am one of the lucky ones,” she said. Heart experts want more women to be aware of the risks of pre-eclampsia so they can avoid heart problems down the track. Dr Arnott said many people think of cardiovascular disease as a man’s disease, which is wrong. “It’s one of the leading killers of women in Australia and it... ...

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Ugandan Doctor Co-Finds New River Blindness Drug

Jun 18, 2018 0

Ugandan doctor Amos Nyathirombo is celebrating a scientific milestone after a six-year World Health Organisation-led research he co-participated in found a more effective River Blindness drug. The United States Food and Drug Administration agency announced last Saturday that it had approved Moxidectin 8 mg Oral for the treatment of River Blindness in patients aged 12 years or older. This followed a break-through by Dr Nyathirombo and 18 other doctors in four African countries who found that Moxidectin, previously a veterinary medicine, was more effective in treating River Blindness than Ivermectin which is in common use. Their findings were published in the respected medical journal, Lancet, in January, this year. The United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), the World Bank, the United Nations- Development Programme (UNDP) and WHO Special Programme for Research and Training Tropical Diseases financed the study. “As an individual, I am very happy for my contribution in developing medicine for mankind,” Dr Nyathirombo, a lecturer in the department of Ophthalmology at Gulu University, told Daily Monitor by telephone yesterday.... ...

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Sudan: Vaccines for Children Destroyed As ‘UN Vehicle Abused By Commissioner’ in Sudan’s El Gedaref

Jun 16, 2018 0

Vaccines for children have reportedly been rendered useless after the Commissioner of Gala El Nahal locality in Sudan’s El Gedaref allegedly ordered a temperature-controlled UN vehicle to be used to transport passengers. Voluntary workers of Gala El Nahal locality in El Gedaref hold the locality commissioner responsible for the destruction of “large quantities of immunization vaccines for children”. Activist Hasan Ahmed told Radio Dabanga that the locality commissioner was using the UN vaccination vehicle for organisational purposes for the National Congress Party and the Islamic Movement. Ahmed explained that the locality commissioner ordered the driver of the temperature-controlled vehicle which carries United Nations plates to transport a delegation of sheikhs of the Islamic Movement to El Gedaref for an organisational affair, while the vehicle was loaded with vulnerable vaccines. Ahmed said the vaccines were rendered completely useless due to the high temperature and lack of ice to save them. He pointed out that the locality commissioner prevented the driver of the vehicle from returning to Gala El Nahal to keep... ...

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 Nigerian Army Organize Medical Outreach for Yobe Communities

Jun 13, 2018 0

A medical outreach has been organized by the Troops of 27 Task Force Brigade Buni Yadi Yobe for communities in Borno and Yobe States on the 11th June 2018. Most of the beneficiaries are from mostly communities devastated by the Boko Haram insurgents. In a statement signed by the Director Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Texas Chukwu said that the Emir of Potiskum, Alhaji Umaru Bubaram who spoke at the event commended the Nigerian Army for organizing the medical outreach exercise. Also, the Chairman Yunusari Local Government Area, Yerima Lawan applauded the Army for the exercise. He recalled how the Army medical team saved the communities from poliomyelitis in 2015. The communities that benefitted from the medical outreach include: Buratai, Kamuya, Bam Buratai, Kamuya Kuffi in Biu Local Government Area of Borno State. Also Buni Yadi, Buni Gari, Gashua, Azare, Katarko in Gujba Local Government Area of Yobe State benefited from the exercise. The beneficiaries were treated for malaria, typhoid, cholera, diarrhea, diabetes, among other. ...

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Treating lower back aches without drugs and surgery by ‘rethinking pain’ .

Jun 12, 2018 0

The evidence of benefit from surgery is weak at best, as a recent  Lancet series on lower back pain found. Despite this, plenty of people are still going under the knife. Lumbar spine surgery rates are doubling roughly every 10 years, according to University of NSW professor of orthopaedic surgery Ian Harris.  And, he said, the operations are getting more complex, and therefore more risky.  “What we are seeing is an increase in complex surgery over simple surgery, in particular fusions, in particular multilevel fusions.” There are however, cheaper, more effective ways to deal with back pain. We asked the experts what works — and what doesn’t. Yes, even if it hurts. Once you have the all clear from a doctor or physiotherapist, you are safe to move. Developments in neuroscience indicate that the brain creates pain as a mechanism to protect us.  In the case of chronic pain, the pain system gets more sensitive. Our body learns pain  and so we feel it more acutely.  When it comes to... ...

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Congo-Kinshasa: Congo Ebola Outbreak – WHO Records 62 Cases, 27 Deaths

Jun 11, 2018 0

The World Health Organisation (WHO) experts said they have recorded 62 Ebola cases in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) during this latest outbreak, with 38 confirmations and 27 deaths. The Deputy Director-General for Emergency Preparedness and Response of WHO, Peter Salama, reported in Geneva that was “very strong progress” in response to the Ebola outbreak in the DRC, one month after the start of the disease. He said that the first phase – protecting urban centres and towns – “has gone well, and we can be cautiously optimistic.” “There have been 62 Ebola cases in the DRC during this latest outbreak, with 38 confirmations and 27 deaths. “The latest case, confirmed on Thursday, was in the remote Iboko health zone in the northwest, an indication that the outbreak is ongoing, he said. Mr Salama, who just returned from a two-day visit to the DRC said: “There’s been very strong progress in the outbreak response, particularly in relation to two of the initial three sites: Mbandaka and Bikoro”. Mbandaka, in... ...

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 Hawaii volcano eruption destroys 600 homes, but creates more than a kilometre of new land

Jun 8, 2018 0

Over  600 homes have been destroyed by lava flows on Hawaii’s Big Island since the current eruption of Kilaeua Volcano began early last month, Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim says The latest estimate of property losses from Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, far surpasses the 215 structures consumed by lava during more than 30 years of an earlier eruption cycle that began in 1983. Mr Kim said it also marks Kilauea’s most destructive episode in modern history. County civil defence officials had a day earlier put the confirmed number of homes destroyed during the past month at 130, all of them in and around the Leilani Estates community, where lava-spouting fissures opened up on the volcano’s eastern flank on May 3 More recently, a huge river of lava that has crept several miles across the landscape to the eastern tip of the island engulfed two entire seaside housing subdivisions, burying hundreds more homes there, while vaporising a small freshwater lake. An estimated 2,500 people have been displaced... ...

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 Nigeria: 13 villagers, 2 NECO Exams Candidates Killed in Attacks at Guma, Logo

Jun 7, 2018 0

Two, National Examination Council (NECO) candidates and 13 others have been killed by militant herdsmen in coordinated attacks on communities in Guma and Logo Local Government areas of Benue State in the early hours of yesterday. The Chairman of Guma Local Government, Mr. Anthony Shawon told the press that the marauders invaded Tse Ishav in Saghev ward, where mourners had gathered for a wake-keep at about 3a.m., killing their victims and injuring others. According to Shawon, “from our finding, they sneaked into Guma from Logo Local Government Area because we share a common boundary. They attacked Tse Ishav in Saghev ward. Eight people, who were at a wake-keep, were killed and many others were injured. ” Among those killed were two NECO candidates, who came to the village to write their examination. “While they were pulling out after the attack, they also attacked any compound or house on their path, burning houses and farmland. “Just less than 48 hours before this attack, they also struck in the night at Mbawa council... ...

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