Feb 18, 2017 0

illnesses, both communicable and non-communicable. Infact, it is said that a good lifestyle wards off a large number of diseases and ensures a long and healthy life.  A little detail as shown below may help our understanding of lifestyle and how it affects our health.   1. Taste By taste, we are referring to the ability to choose well, some persons have very poor taste while others have expensive/high taste or good taste. Those with expensive taste may do anything to meet their taste or spend on items that are not really needed but just to satisfy the taste while denying other needs such as school fees or medicare. Meeting one’s high taste may entail mixing or hanging out with persons whose lifestyle may deleteriously affect yours. ...

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Tanzania crackdown on ‘gay activity’

Feb 7, 2017 0

Tanzania’s deputy health minister Hamis Kingwangala has ordered three men who he accuses of being gay to report to police for questioning – or risk arrest, reports the BBC’s Sammy Awami from the main city Dar es Salaam. ...

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Causes of Stress

Jan 28, 2017 0

Stress can be defined as excessive psychological or physical demand on somebody; no one passes through life without stressful periods, There are so many stressors (stimuli that cause that excessive physical or psychological demand)  in the society, some of these life events can be prevented, you can prepare your mind for some and weather the storm while the others could be ameliorated by self-control in case of unexpected natural and financial disasters. Good things abnd bad things can cause stress and in a some cases, stress is necessary for optimal performance. Common causes of stress (stressors) in our society include: ...

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