Water supplies have been restored in most of Chile’s capital Santiago after floods contaminated a major river providing most of the city’s water.  Storms in the Andes over the weekend had flooded the Maipo river, contaminating it with mud and rubble.  Businesses and schools had to remain closed and four million people were without drinking water.  The water company said it would take time to refill 15,000km (9,320 miles) of pipes. Officials had said the water supply from the Maipo River had to be cut until the water flowed clear.  At least three people have been killed and 19 are missing as rivers overflowed and bridges were washed away. More than 60% of households in Santiago woke up on Sunday to find their taps running dry.  Many queued to fill buckets and pans with water provided by the authorities.  Some shops ran out of bottled water and some supermarkets reported scuffles between people eager to stock up. Restaurants and businesses in the affected areas were ordered to stay closed and schools were also told to delay the start of the school year, scheduled for Monday.  The flooding follows months of drought and a series of deadly wildfires which burned for weeks.

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