China’s anti-corruption agency says it is going to watch its officials more closely, after uncovering corruption within its own ranks.

It says 17 officials from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) have been investigated for corruption since 2012. A sweeping anti-corruption drive has been a defining feature of Xi Jinping’s presidency. The CCDI has been front and centre in Mr Xi’s anti-corruption drive, directing the investigations into, and punishment of, officials across the country. But the powerful watchdog has admitted that it is not immune. It revealed this in surprising fashion last week – through a television show, co-produced with national broadcaster CCTV, featuring the confessions of senior inspectors who have since been jailed. The China Daily newspaper reported at the weekend that a total of 7,900 disciplinary CCDI officials had been punished for some form of violation over the past four years. Among them were the 17 anti-corruption officials investigated for corruption.

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