Clinical trials on vaccine against Zika Virus infection could begin this year–Scientist

According to some US health officials, two potential candidates for vaccine against Zika virus are now available but clinical trials are not likely to start until later in 2016. Even at that, the  Zika vaccine for universal use is still years away.
Nigeria has advised against travels to the Americas because of the virus; so far all the American countries except Canada and Chile are at risk of the infection as the aedes mosquito is present in them. As of 29/1/16, 31 cases have been confirmed in the US.

In the same vein, Public Health England has advised men to wear condom during sex for 28 days on return from any of the 23 affected countries and for six months following recovery from symptoms of Zika virus infection or from confirmed Zika infection. This, it said was due to the fact that though transmission through sex is very low, it is possible.

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