Commissioner laments dearth of health experts

Speaking during the of¬ficial opening of Maxy Su¬per-Speciality Centre, The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Id¬ris, has decried poor in¬vestment in health and the dearth of human resources across all levels of health¬care in the country, and he however expressed optimism that the coun¬try would overcome its challenges as Nigerians in the private sector are now thinking along the same line with the government.
According to him,  “Re¬sources are inadequate in primary, secondary and tertiary health care facili¬ties. To mention the issue of human resources, that one is a serious matter for the whole country, and He regretted that: “Peo¬ple normally say, ‘we have enough workforce’, but compare it to the popu¬lation we serve, it is noth¬ing. The fact still remains that government needs to invest in health. Federal, State and Local Govern¬ments are not investing enough in the health sec¬tor, and “When it comes to al¬location of money, health is relegated to the back¬ground. It is only when there is epidemic they will start looking for health, the case of Ebola outbreak is a case study.”
On his part, the Chief Executive Officer of Red¬dington Hospital Group, Dr Adeyemi Onabowale, said: “Our team is mo¬tivated to continuously raise the bar in standards of healthcare delivery and access to it,” adding, “the birthing of the facility was a careful, deliberate and passionate approach to¬wards providing a one stop health specialty plus a world class facility and professionals for the ser¬vice of mankind.”

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