The Chief Executive Officer of Dangote Foundation, Zouera Yousoufu, revealed in Lagos, the Dangote Foundation is set to launch a pri¬vate sector policy document to re¬verse the trend, and The Foundation said it is championing the eradication of malaria in Nigeria because the death toll from the disease shows that Nigeria has the highest number of malaria casualties in the world, and that the group will on Monday launch a document on “Private Sector Engagement Strategy to Eliminate Malaria in Nigeria” in collaboration with the National Malaria Elimination Programme (NMEP) of the Federal Ministry of Health. Titled: “Engaging the Private Sector to Eliminate Malaria in Nigeria”, Yousoufu said the document was a product of months of planning, surveys and delibera¬tions with key private sector lead¬ers and other critical stakeholders.The document, she explained, highlights the priority areas for private sector support in the fight against malaria as well as a detailed strategy for private sector engagement and steps for implementation. According to her, “Nigeria has 25 percent of the world’s dis¬ease burden of malaria and reports more deaths due to the dis¬ease than any other country in the world. Malaria is responsible for a significant number of deaths of women and children every year. “It also accounts for 60 per cent of out-patient hospital visits and 30 per cent of hospital ad¬missions. An estimated $1.1 bil¬lion (N480 billion) is lost annually in Nigeria due to malaria-related absenteeism and treatment costs.

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