4. Deep-space traveling puts you at higher risk of heart diseases
According to a new study, which was  published in Scientific Reports journal on Thursday revealed that deep space astronauts are five times more prone to heart diseases than their Earth-bound peers.

The  findings examined the cause of death of 42 astronauts from NASA’s space-faring missions, including Apollo and Gemini, according to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)It highlighted that the excessive radiation exposure, coupled with weightlessness, changes the structure of blood vessels in such a way that gives rise to cardiovascular diseases. The study showed that seven of the 24 Apollo astronauts died as a result of heart problem, including Neil Armstrong.Beyond the Earth’s protective magnetosphere, a magnetic layer that shields Earth, venturing into deep-space could result in long-term damage to heart due to the exposure of unprecedented levels of particle radiation in open space. The research is part of a growing body of work suggesting the unique stresses of extraterrestrial life can adversely impact health, WSJ added.

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