Bringing out the benefits to patients undergoing dental procedures and expanding dental technology, experts elaborate on how dental treatments can be painless, affordable and long lasting. Patients no longer have to wait to replace their missing tooth – now the dental implant, post and dental crown can be set in just one visit. Dr Ajay Sharma, Senior Consultant and HOD – Dental Sciences, Max Smart Superspecialty Hospital in Saket, National capital said fortunately, many dentists are specially trained in handling fearful patients and new technological advancements have made treatments much easier to reduce pain and eliminate the fear of visiting the dentist. “Dental surgery is a difficult, painful process no matter what the procedure, but having a tooth extracted and an implant put in months later can result in major complications,” Dr Sharma said. The consequences of this go far beyond dental pain and can result in teeth loss. Stating that great advancements in dental surgery have been made to assist with bone and tissue regeneration, Dr. Sharma said, “When it is time to insert the implant, the extraction site has been stabilised and a graft performed to protect the integrity of the site.” “With immediate dental implants, you don`t need to live with a gap in your teeth or wear a fake temporary cap while you wait for the dental implant to heal. And with single-visit dental implants becoming more successful, more patients are inquiring about this procedure,” Dr. Sharma added.

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