The Managing Dentist of Choice Dental Lagos, Dr. Sade Akiode, has raised an alarm over what she described as misaligned, crowded or crooked unsightly gaps between teeth and missing teeth said to be on the increase among Nigerians. Orthodontics is the treatment that help move teeth that are crooked or do not fit together properly. Akiode, who spoke to journalists at the weekend during the ongoing Orthodontic training organised by Progressive Orthodontic Seminars of United States of America in collaboration with Choice Dental Lagos said that the capacity building is to create awareness using one of the most advanced orthodontic tools to provide patients with the highest level of orthodontic treatment aimed at giving patients the best treatment.

The trainees, dentists, she said would be equipped with high-tech orthodontic software (IPSoft), lifetime instructor support, Progressive Orthodontic classes , lifetime free retake, and a library with hundreds of orthodontic cases and videos. At the end of the extensive training according to her, the participants would have learnt how to use computerized orthodontics to provide the most effective and detailed diagnosis and treatment.

“There are several reasons why some people’s teeth become crooked, overlapping, or misaligned. Some jaws are too small for the number of teeth, which crowd the teeth. In some cases, it is hereditary. Other causes are ill-fitting dental crowns, fillings and dentures. Early loss of Baby or Adult teeth with holes instead of saving them by doing Root Canal treatment could cause the remaining teeth to shift or drift she said. Also in children, tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, pacifier use beyond the age of three, or prolonged use of feeding bottle may be contributory.

With misaligned teeth, keeping teeth clean and chewing become challenging. Misaligned or crowded teeth may lead to loose teeth (from loss of bone supporting teeth), gum disease (gingivitis), holes in the teeth, lack of confidence in speaking and smiling, and mouth odour. Gum disease can affect overall general health. It has been linked with Diabetes, Stroke, Heart disease, Pancreatic cancer and Pregnant woman delivering low birth weight (small) babies!

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