Dentists issue ‘Halloween horror’ warning

Trick or treaters go door to door on Halloween night begging for candy When: 24 Feb 2005

Dentists issue ‘Halloween horror’ warning

Armfuls of confectionery are a delicious, sugary reward for dressing up as devils and witches to scare the wits out of the neighbours.

But trick-or-treating will become a “Halloween horror” for children unless parents take steps to protect their teeth, warn dentists.

The Royal College of Surgeons has issued tips to ensure rotten smiles are just for Halloween.

Prof Nigel Hunt said: “We don’t want to spoil the fun.”

  • But the dean of the faculty of dental surgery said the state of children’s teeth was a “national scandal” and added: “We want to help parents make sensible decisions about letting their If children are given sweets on Halloween they shouldn’t eat them straightaway, but save them to have with a meal at home to reduce the impact on their teeth.
  • If trick-or-treaters visit you over Halloween, consider giving out alternative treats to sweets such as stickers or balloons.
  • Limit the number of sweets you give out to each child – think about only giving one or two rather than a whole bag.
  • If the child is thirsty, make sure they do not have sugary drinks, water is better.
  • Even though they may be tired, make sure children brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste before going to bed.

Prof Hunt said: “Celebrating Halloween by trick-or-treating has become very popular in the UK in recent years.

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