A dermatologist, Mrs. Ayopo Adeyemi, has warned women against the use of heavy makeup, saying it aggravates skin problems, adding that the use of heavy makeup could lead to skin irritation, allergies and even skin cancer.
She has said that excessive makeup was usually used by women to cover skin problems like pimples, allergies, patches, scars, dark circles, boils and wrinkles, however, warned that this could aggravate the problems if care is not taken.
Adeyemi has added that the harmful effects of makeup were not limited to skin related issues, but also varieties of other health challenges. “Lipsticks, Kajal sticks and eye-shadows, for example, are known to contain lead, carcinogen and neurotoxin that can affect the nervous system adversely, leading to high blood-pressure, allergies, behavioral abnormalities and even decreased rates of fertility.”
She has explained that some chemical preservatives used in many cosmetics were hazardous. ” Using too much product on your skin will eventually further the wrinkles, lines and spots you are attempting to conceal, and ultimately make you look older than you actually are,” she said.
The dermatologist has also said that it was imperative that makeup enthusiasts indulge in proper cleaning regime to remove all traces of chemicals from the skin. “There are plenty of face washes, cleansers and scrubs available in the market to choose from.”
She has advised women to use natural facial treatments like cucumber, tomatoes, honey, eggs instead of using unsafe products.

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