Diabetes: Apollo Hospitals, Sanofi open sugar clinics

Diabetes management has been taken to the next level through the partnership between Apollo Hospitals and Sanofi to establish 50 Apollo Sugar Clinics, as integrated diabetes care programme that would cater for local and international patients. Through the collaboration, Apollo and Sanofi plan to leverage their respective expertise in diabetes to provide access to comprehensive educational resources, treatment and care programmes that would help patients better manage their diabetes.

Diabetes, a prominent Non-communicable Disease, NCD, has afflicted close to 382 million people globally. The main objective of the Apollo Sugar Clinics, according to the partners, is to make diabetes ‘disease-free’ by offering easy access to an integrated diabetes care solution within a clinical infrastructure.

This facility will promote early detection and treatment of diabetes and associated complications, strengthened by lifestyle management and behaviour change programmes. Many people with diabetes are either unaware of their condition, or have it poorly controlled. They require better awareness about the disease, its complications, management and must also have access to the latest treatment options. Chairman Apollo Hospitals Group, Dr Prathap Reddy, said through Apollo Sugar Clinics, patients would be offered advanced care and counselling that will help them better manage their condition.

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