In what can only be called a blessing, an unnamed 17-year-old boy has finally been gifted a new life by doctors who succeeded in removing a baseball-sized tumour from his nose. The unnamed 17-year-old is only the sixth ever recorded case of having an ultra-rare form of his nasal cavity in the world. He had been living with the tumour for more than a decade, which had hindered his breathing, eating and speaking abilities, compelling him to take medical help from surgeons in India. A three-hour surgery is what it took to remove the 750 gram growth, which was made up of blood vessels, from his nasal cavity. The surgeons had to bring down his blood pressure in order to prevent any life-threatening bleeding, as high pressure can cause vessels to rupture. According to a report in the Daily Mail, Dr J C Passey, from New Delhi’s Loknayank Jaiprakash Narayan Hospital, said: ‘This tumour is rare and normally the size of a tennis ball. ‘But in this case it looked like another head growing along the cheeks of the patient – something like a baseball. ‘When we weighed the tumour post-surgery, it was 750g.’ He added: ‘The tumour can start from a place behind the nose and para-nasal sinuses along the base of the skull and expands everywhere into the nose, sinuses, eyes, cheek and even into the brain. ‘Though, it is not a cancerous tumor but due its massive bleeding tendency, it may pose a threat to life.’ Dr Ravi Meher, also involved in the surgery, added: ‘The nasal tumor is usually is small and occupies the nose and sinuses but in this case it looked like another head growing along the cheeks of the patient,’ the Daily Mail reported.

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