Doctors in the United Kingdom have been given approval to carry out 10 womb transplants in the U. K. This follows the foot step of the Swedish team which has done several of such transplants.


In the U.K. 1 in 7000 women is born without a womb, some have their wombs removed due to cancer.

Women to be selected for the transplant must be below 38 years of age, have healthy ovaries and be in steady relationship.


The wombs will be obtained from brain-dead women unlike in Sweden where donors gave their wombs.


The recipients will be placed on immunosuppressive drugs to prevent organ rejection but the womb will be removed after delivery of the baby by Caesarian Section or after a second trial.


Fertilisation is by In-vitro Fertilisation and then transfer of fertilized egg to the womb. 


Experts see the procedure as alternative to surrogacy and adoption.


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