‘Drugs, radiation during ovulation causes malformation in babies- Expert

Dr. Nathaniel Adewole, a Gynecologist who works with the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada, during an interview said some the effects of radiation exposure at early stage of pregnancy as well as

intake of antibiotics could cause congenital malformation in babies. He advised women of reproductive age to avoid self-medication prior to ovulation period. He cited an example where a woman had an infection and she had taken antibiotics for two weeks, not knowing that she was pregnant. Adewole has stressed that intake of the antibiotics at early stage of the pregnancy would have affected the formation of the babies, if there was no early intervention. “So, drugs; both orthodox and herbal medications should not be taken carelessly, infection should be avoided and if any should be treated proper and there are a lot of drugs that are contraindicated in pregnancy which is the most critical factor that predispose to congenital malformation. Adewole also explained that any woman contemplating becoming pregnant should be careful of the drugs she takes, especially during the ovulation period until she did the next pregnancy test. The unfortunate thing is that damage would have occurred before the woman will know that she is pregnant. “Others include radiological investigation; radiation exposure can lead to congenital abnormality. “This is why some x-ray investigations are not carried out in certain period because it poses a little bit of risk to the baby. He advised women to attend clinic prior to conception, especially those with existing health problems; so that drugs that might not be compatible with the pregnancy would be changed.

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