Dump site of death in Nairobi

Dandora, a slum suburb of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya appears to the purveyor of death. It is a dump site for domestic waste, hospital waste and industrial waste.  Daily, the poor eke a living from picking through the rubbish, selecting out recyclable products and some left-over of food.
About 2000 metric tonnes of garbage are dumped every day and about 3000 Kenyans have to go through this rubbish daily which encompasses used hospital needles, surgical knives, diapers, hospital theater waste etc, all sources of communicable diseases.
We must not forget the stench suffered by those who work the garbage and those who live near the dump.
Those who work at the dump are at risk of skin diseases, communicable diseases including HIV/ food poisoning, injuries, and chemical poisoning such as lead poisoning.

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