One doctor has died in Port Harcourt, after contracting Ebola from treating a diplomat who was in contact with Patrick Sawyer, the health ministry has said. His wife is being tested after showing symptoms and the results could come in any moment from now, nearly a week after her husband died last Friday. If positive, she could bring to 15, up from 13, the number of confirmed cases of the virus. She has been quarantined after showing symptoms, and another 70 people believed to have had contact with the late doctor or his wife, have been put under surveillance for Ebola.

The diplomat with ECOWAS evaded surveillance in Lagos in the late week of July and travelled to Port Harcourt. “We now understand he consulted with a doctor and was apparently treated for some symptoms,” said Chukwu. “After four days, following a manhunt for him, he returned to Lagos by which time he was found to be without symptoms.” Even though he does not have Ebola but further laboratory tests indicate he had suffered Ebola,” added Chukwu. Officials began tracing contacts on Saturday and a treatment team and mobile lab have moved into Port Harcourt yesterday, he added. “We will surely handle Port Harcourt, as we handled Enugu and Lagos,” Chukwu said.

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