The Treatment Re­search Group, TRG, for Ebola virus dis­ease set up by the Federal Government has been ac­cused of frustrating a lo­cally-made herbal remedy in Nigeria. Producer of the drug, and herbal researcher, Ben Amodu, blamed in­ternational and local poli­ticking as factor that has inhibited his efforts. He did not also spare the Nigerian Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development, NIPRD, as one of the elements working against him. Amodu, who made the accusation at a media briefing in Abuja, yester­day, lamented that despite the fact that the country is blessed with a lot of herb­al products, government was still importing herbal remedies from other coun­tries with less herbal spe­cies around the globe.

He said: “When Ebola broke out, I was told to take my Ebola drug for testing, and I did and there was delay here and there. I have the drug here, it cures Ebola, there is no doubt about it. “When there was delay here, I took it to a virolo­gist in India and the Indi­ans say when did we start, why must we beat them? They were shocked with their initial test on the drug, and they said that they would not say any­thing until they subject it to the virus for 21 days. “They put it for 21 days, it killed the Ebola virus. Now, do a report to me about the result of the testing of my product, it became a subject of inter­national politics.

“While they were do­ing that politics, I did not waste time, I went to NI­PRD and told them that my product can improve the CD4 count of HIV and CD8 count which is a marker for Ebola. They then said I should buy reagent for them, which I did. “They have done the ini­tial test and they have got­ten the parameters. They have given me another three months, at the end of the three months, they repeated (the process) to see the differentials. So, if I get my result from India, I will set the ground run­ning. Verbally, I have to report to the press on this occasion.”

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