Ebola: LASAA Mobilises Electronic Billboard Operators for Sensitisation

Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) in partnership with Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN), some leading electronic billboard operators in the state and Insight Communications Limited, will soon commence a public awareness campaign as part of efforts to curb the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease. This initiative supported by the state Ministries for Health and Information would involve electronic billboard operators enabling their platforms across the state to be used free of charge in conveying messages about the disease in strategic locations. It was also estimated that the operators will be waiving over N240million charge for billboard space.

LASAA’s Managing Director, Mr. George Noah, noted that the campaign would focus on key areas related to the spread and management of the disease such as modes of transmission, preventive measures, symptoms and help telephone lines. According to Noah, “This initiative is designed to complement efforts being made by the state government to curb the spread of the Ebola virus. It’s also borne out of the need to enlighten the public about the disease and the need to adopt preventive measures.

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