Ebola: Nigeria Clears 61 People Monitored for Possible Infection

Sixty-one people placed under observation by the Nigerian authorities for possible Ebola infection have been cleared and are not at risk of contracting the disease. The 61 persons were cleared after 21 days since they had primary or secondary contact with the index case, the Liberian Patrick Sawyer who died of Ebola in Lagos.

Lagos State Governor, Babtunde Fashola, disclosed this during a broadcast to the people of the state on the level of preparedness and efforts taken by the government to curtail the spread of the virus in the state.

According to him,Last week we cleared a total of 61 contacts after the 21 days surveillance which is the known lifespan of the virus. These people were not sick. They were persons who needed to be monitored because of real or suspected contacts to be certain that they did not eventually fall sick. We cautiously wait to see how many more people will be cleared and hope that there will be no new cases.

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