Ebola nurse infection ‘down to visor’

The UK nurse Pauline Cafferkey probably caught Ebola by wearing a visor instead of goggles while treating patients, an investigation has concluded.  The report by Save the Children says it is impossible to be completely certain how she caught the virus. However, it said the different safety protocols used for removing visors and goggles, was the most likely explanation.  Ms Cafferkey made a full recovery after being treated in London.  An independent panel, led by Public Health England, reviewed the case.

Justin Forsyth, the chief executive of Save the Children, said: “We will never be 100% sure how Pauline contracted Ebola, but the independent panel found that it is most likely, though not conclusive, she acquired her illness while working at the Ebola Treatment Centre at Kerry Town in Sierra Leone.  “Working under such intense and challenging conditions, however, cannot be without risk.  “Although there is no conclusive evidence, the panel suggests that Pauline’s use of a visor, within a context geared to the use of goggles, was the most likely cause of her contracting Ebola.” Visors are recommended by the World Health Organization, and are used by the UK Ministry of Defence.

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