In memory of the two nurses including Justina Obi Ejelonu of First Consultants Medical Centre who died from the Ebola virus while taking care of the Liberian, Patrick Sawyer, Nigerian nurses yesterday saluted their fallen colleagues. The nurses under the auspices of Nursing World Nigeria (NWN) paid tribute to the two dead nurses and others who had died for various causes, while diligently discharging their respective duties. Taking advantage of the annual World Humanitarian Day, the nurses said they chose to profile their fallen colleagues as humanitarian heroes because they were committed to making a difference.

The statement which was signed by a nurse and founder of the NWN website, Nwaobi J.C., read in part: “This year, Nursingworld Nigeria is shining the spotlight on humanitarians (nursing) in Nigeria and profiling humanitarian heroes – our nurses in all walks of life, who are committed to making a difference. “This day provides an opportunity to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work of nurses around the world. Thousands of nurses across the globe are doing incredible work every day. But, unfortunately, some of them pay the ultimate price. “This World Humanitarian Day, we honour these nurses who face danger to help people in need of care. We remember their sacrifice.

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