Egypt’s administrative prosecution referred to trial on Saturday eight doctors in Beheira for allegedly refusing to admit a patient in labour.

Minister Adel El-Adawi had referred the director of and the seven doctors at the Kafr al-Dawar hospital’s Obstetrics and Gynecology department to the administrative prosecution for investigation. They were all referred to trial.

A video of a woman who gave birth to her infant outside the Kafr al-Dawar hospital went viral in October. In the video, the woman’s husband is heard saying the hospital’s doctor who examined her said she “needs a caesarian section”. “There, she is birthing naturally,” the husband says in the video.

The patient’s family accused the hospital’s administration of negligence.

Investigation revealed the resident doctor at the gynecology department refused to admit the patient to deliver her child “without justification,” the administrative prosecution said in a statement.

The administrative prosecution also accused the department’s director of failing to follow-up with the residents, which led to “committing violations.”

The hospital had released a report in October denying the family’s accusation. The hospital said the patient was examined on Oct 10 and told she might need a caesarian section due to “the large size of the embryo.” Three hours later, the hospital said, the patient began suffering from labour pain outside the door of the reception and emergency room.

The medical team asked the patient to move into the reception and emergency room to deliver the infant, the report read. It added that one of those accompanying the patient “strongly refused” to admit her into the reception and emergency room “to film her” as she delivered the infant outside.

“Nobody would prevent a patient from receiving the necessary medical treatment as claimed,” the hospital said in its report.

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