Health Minister Adel Adawy said on Monday 20/7/2015 the international conference on Ebola in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, will discuss means to assist countries plagued with the Ebola virus to prevent its spread.

Adawy will sign a protocol to establish the first Egyptian pharmaceutical industries factory in Africa in the new economic capital of Equatorial Guinea to meet the demand for medicines in the African countries in accordance with directives of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to provide African countries with their needs topped by the need for medicine.

Speaking to MENA during his stay in Malabo, Adawy said Egypt has offered its proposal on guidelines at the ports worldwide to increase the quarantine measures to protect the African countries against the spread of the disease.

Egypt has provided medicines and medical instrument in assistance to the African countries to combat the disease outbreak, he said.

The Egyptian government has proposed providing experts to assist the quarantine measures in the African countries as it did before with the African Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea.

Egypt has also held a medical exhibition on the sidelines of the African Summit to help the African countries in combating the Ebola outbreak.

Adawy will meet his African counterparts on the sidelines of the conference to discuss cooperation in the medical domain in accordance with the “health diplomacy” and its deep role in boosting diplomatic relations at the level of governments and peoples.

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