Enabulele laments state of Nigeria’s health sector
Speaking in Lagos during the Annual General Meeting /Scientific Conference of the Medical and Dental Consul¬tants Association (MDCAN) branch of the Lagos Universi¬ty Teaching Hospital (LUTH),

The Vice President, Commonwealth Medi¬cal Association (CMA), Dr. Osahon Enabulele, regret¬ted that t 56 years after, the Nigeria’s health sector is yet to meet the World Health Organisation (WHO), set standards for health, noting that the problem in Nigeria’s health sector has worsened since the past two years following the economic challenges facing the country,
Enabulele lamented that, though Nigeria is blessed with natural resources that can sustain the economy of the country, it lacks the needed political commitment to make the sector beneficial to the masses, According to him, Nigeria’s health sector has come a long way since the very first colonial development plan of the 1946-1956; but it is yet to overcome some crucial challenges facing the sector.
“Nigeria’s health sector is facing challenges in terms of man-power and even the facilities are not there. We need over 250,000 doctors to be able to meet up with what has been recommended globally in terms of the standard for doc¬tor- patient ratio.
“To achieve this, we need to put on ground more strategic plans and executing them. There is also the issue of financing. We need to move the nation’s health insurance plan from where it is now to a point where Nigeria can say we have a health financing system that is dedicated to ensuring that we meet the health hazard of health expenditure of Nigerians, and He further condemned the manner at which Nigerian leaders fly out of the country even for minor ailments that can be managed in the country, adding that practitioners should be encouraged in order for them to give their best to healthcare services.¬

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